References and Testimonials

We always try to offer something new or unique to our clients. These are comments from a cross section of our public and private sector clients. 

Name Comment

Simon Shaw-








"We contacted kMatrix because of their ground breaking work for government on markets for the Marine Environment. They provided us with bespoke analysis for several countries across our complete range of marine services. This analysis was totally beyond anything we could produce for ourselves and was used to inform our current strategic growth strategy."


Roger Evans-

Stafford Engineering







" We found kMatrix through a New Zealand- funded initiative designed to assist business growth. We received unique insight into international markets and the basis for competitiveness in those markets. We have adopted the research findings and have already shared the kMatrix data with other New Zealand companies."


Brian McCann-

IT Meters







"My previous experience with kMatrix convinced me that they were the right people to analyse future markets for a new sensor technology. They engaged with me (off and on) over a period of years and their involvement has enabled me to set up and acquire significant funding for a new high tech business here in Ireland."


Brian McCann-

Clarehill Plastics








"It was amazing, the industry had no coherent or consistent information on the installed base of single skinned oil tanks or the environmental threat they represented. kMatrix and their multi- sourced approach produced new information -for the past 20 years!- that was robust enough to inform my own business strategy and to take to government and suggest an environmental policy change."


Dr Michael Cross-
Carbon Auditors


"... Carbon Auditors have created partnerships and won investment as a direct result of the measurements and market data kMatrix developed for us."



Prof. Mark Maslin-


"Amazing depth and richness of data that we rigorously tested with potential customers in many countries.  Provides really valuable market insight."



Nick Storer- CEO EnviroLink


"kMatrix supply market intelligence that helps us design and deliver business support services to companies operating in the Low Carbon economy."



Tom Foucade- CEO EnviroBusiness 


"Exciting new market intelligence that had an immediate and significant impact on regional policy and investment in the South East."

References are also available on request from Government clients in BIS, DECC, Defra, UKTI and NZTE.