kMatrix Partners

kMatrix maintains a strong R&D focus and encourages partners to define, co- create and then deliver services to the widest possible market.


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A privately funded nanotechnology laboratory in the US, where kMatrix acts as the commercial partner and route to investment


Agua Via

A joint business opportunity to change the face of water purification and desalination industries on a global basis


University College London

A research partner as part of UCL's Grand Challenges initiative, working on joint research into the low carbon and green economy



Innovas was established in 2006 to provide consultancy support to both the Public and Private Sector.  It provides high quality economic Research, Analysis and Intelligence covering feasibility, strategy, evaluation and market intelligence.  They are recognised as a leading market intelligence solutions provider transofrming business information into actionable intelligence, evidence based actions and programmes of support.  Innovas is a long term partner of kMatrix, partnering on a wide range of projects since 2006.


Accelar Limited


Accelar Limited is a strategy and sustainability consultancy with a purpose to help accelerate the clean growth transition.  Accelar helps companies and public sector clients to grasp the opportunities associated with reducing carbon emissions, improving climate resilience and enhancing natural capital.


Innovation Bridge and Innovasec

Consulting partners with deep experience of the security and cyber security sector



New Zealand consulting partner


TopCat 2000

New Zealand consulting partner