Research Methodology for Competitive Market Intelligence

kMatrix uses a core analytical process called Profiling. This is based upon a 25 year international research programme that started in Harvard University and was subsequently developed in countries across Europe.


Profiling is used to track technology and market change and uses analytical data grids, business case studies and industry research to provide probabilistic and measurable evidence about how companies and economies (un)successfully adapt to changing markets.


Profiling was first developed for wide ranging corporate business portfolios and then implemented in Russia under US government initiatives to create a sustainable light industrial base. Since then it has been applied to start-ups, micros, SME’s, corporates and whole industries by government, financial and professional services sectors in the US, Europe and Australasia.


Profiling can be used to provide evidence in depth (for companies) or breadth (for an industry or sector). The major difference between the two is in how the target product and/or service markets are defined i.e. narrow/ small number for companies and broad/ large number (including both supply chain and value chain activities) for an industry or sector. Different sets of measures are then applied to the markets depending upon public, private or financial sector interest. These  market measures may be as simple as Sales, Transactions and Growth or more  complicated, like New Product Values, Return on Sales and Spend on R&D.


Our data and research base is now one of the largest privately  assembled sources of competitive information in Europe.