Research Formats

kMatrix Competitive Market Intelligence services can be delivered in a number of formats:


Standard Research Report

Example: Professional pdf report that details a global market sector, combining high level and detailed analysis for multiple sector activities and multiple country markets. All research data provided as either Data Books or interactive data files to support further in-house research.


Bespoke Intelligence Reports

Example:  Report in a standard pdf or PowerPoint format that focuses on a single region, country, technology application or set of market activities


Data Books

Example: Excel workbook that includes complete or partial market sector data (i.e. environmental sector or Wind Power) that can be provided with or without standard reports to support in-house research.


Interactive Data Files

Example: Fully configured data files containing complete or partial market sector data with freeview Data Visualisation software from Visokio. Files customised to meet multiple client needs for interactive data mining and analysis.


Market Research Library

Example: An online library of market data for single or multiple sectors containing both interactive research files and report/ presentation formats. Licensed for in-house research or with a further license for publication/ resale.