Some of the Core Team

Stephen Howard

Stephen worked on the original methodology developed in collaboration with Harvard University over 30 years ago.  He then bought out the spin-out technology from Professor R Jaikumar at the University and further developed it, building and refining the capabilities that kMatrix Data Services Limited uses today.  kMatrix is a learning environment and the process is continually evolving and developing as new projects ask novel questions.  Stephen exclusively holds all the IP involved in the process, which he has licenced in perpetuity to kMatrix Data Services Limited.  Stephen is a leading authority on the development of capabilities in supply chains.  He has developed, in collusion with a number of leading academics around the world, a major research programme based on four million cases worldwide, that identify key parameters for the development of capabilities to produce and market products and services globally.  He is currently working with a number of UK and EU Government Agencies to provide market intelligence data for delivery to individual companies, business sectoral bodies and regional planning bodies.  He is currently leading the utilisation of kMatrix global multi data sources to collect, structure and provide metrics across the supply and value chain, providing data to the UK Government for Security and Cyber Security, Creative and Digital Industries and the Low Carbon Economy.  Appointed as the provider of statistical data for the C40 project, (an international project with currently over 80 cities engaged to benchmark economic and social resilience to climate change).  Significant projects include:

  1. Reconstruction of Russian Manufacturing Enterprises
  2. Advisor to India, Bangladesh, Hungary, Bulgaria and Russian Association of Light Industry
  3. Sector analysis for UK Home Office, UKTI, BIS/DCMS, Bloomberg, Ministry of Defence, City of London Corporation, CBI
  4. Provision of Market Intelligence data for economic development, technology development and investment activities in New Zealand including Titanium Industry, Creative and Digital Industries, High Value Manufacturing, Cyber Security, High Value Orphan Drug Manufacturer etc
  5. CEFAS Seafood and Fisheries Study
  6. Private sector Marine Environment Study
  7.  Market Research for a Climate Services Observatory (MARCO 2016- 18)

Kim Woods
With a first degree in Engineering and an MSc in Logistics, Kim has international experience as both a technologist with Courtaulds and as a senior consultant for CSC. Kim manages kMatrix supply chain and manufacturing based research projects.

SImon Howard
Simon co-formed KMatrix Data Services Limited with Sarah Howard in 2012 with a view to unlocking and releasing the data produced by the big data profiling process developed by Stephen Howard.  The aim of kMatrix Data Services Limited is to find ways to open up the existing catalogue of multisector data, which is currently underutilised.

Projects that Simon has been involved in include:-

  • Targeting wind farm opportunities for aggressive take overs – Researching the current state of the European wind farm developers niche for customers intending to invest in the £100 - £200 million bracket.
  • Business profiling for investment opportunities- Focusing on small businesses and seedling companies seeking investment both in the UK and Asia Pacific
  • Technology assessment for South Korean medical instruments and applications. – Via Australia, assessing South Korean medical devices and their likely market opportunities in the European, US, and Asia Pacific markets.
  • Technology assessment for UK universities. -  Primarily focusing on new technology spin outs from areas such as the space and bio tech sectors, and the applications and markets that these developments target.
  • UK and international market assessment for various sectors for the UK government. – A continuing process with the government of mapping and evaluating specific sectors of industry such as Renewable Energy, Security, Construction etc.
  • Carbon trading research for UK government and UK universities. – Analysis of the current carbon trading mechanisms and the processes surrounding the development of the industry.
  • Oil and Gas market opportunity assessment – Providing detailed reports to a major International Corporate actively involved in the onshore Oil and Gas Market, on opportunities in the sector on a geographical basis.
  • C40 cities project to define the Green economy and adaptation sector with relation to city future proofing and the benchmarking thereafter of various cities globally.


Sarah Howard
Sarah joined Cubic Technologies Limited as a researcher in 2002, soon after graduating from the University of Leicester with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences.  Her degree studies provided a good grounding in research technique and she quickly displayed excellence in the research of various industries.  Her projects with Cubic Technologies were primarily based around corporate recycling in the UK and Europe.  Projects included:

  • Siemens
  • Nutricia
  • Philips
  • Panasonic
  • GE Marconi


Sarah moved on to pursue an understanding of the technique of profiling and gain a deeper knowledge of Big Data Analysis, co-founding kMatrix Data Services.  She works directly with Stephen Howard, developing her abilities with the construction of new Sector Market Data Sets and manages existing Data Sets.  She also profiles new technologies for potential investment by private individuals, companies or institutions.  She specialises in assessing new technologies with scientific, environmental and healthcare applications.  These can range from new diagnostic testing, to biosensors, antimicrobial technologies, drug delivery, nanotechnology water filters and many more.

Projects within Kmatix include:

Assisting in the development and management of Sector Market Data Sets for use by both the public and private sector.  Sectors developed to date include:

  • Environmental
  • Green Economy
  • Weather and Climate
  • Climate Services
  • Adaptation and Resilience
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Construction
  • Digital Media & Creative Industries
  • Tourism
  • Marine
  • Agritech
  • Design
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Sustainable Food & Agri-food
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Natural Capital and Decision Making
  • Aquaculture
  • Wild Aquatics


Profiling technologies for potential spin-outs from Universities including:

  • Swansea University
  • Loughborough University
  • Auckland University
  • University of Leicester

Sector Studies include:

Sustainable Food Systems sector study

Energy Market Study

Climate Services market analysis for Horizon 2020 MARCO project (MArket Research for a Climate sevices Observatory)

Low Carbon and Environmental Services (LCEGS)

Low Carbon and Environmental Services Sector (LCEGSS)