Case Studies

We have included four case studies below that illustrate our full range of services.


For more examples download our full range of short case studies.These case studies include global research into new/emerging sectors, research for new commercial strategies, regional/local economic development and the commercialisation of new technologies


References can be provided for all case studies.

Case Studies to Dec 2014.pdf
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Carbon Markets

We worked with Carbon Trust, E-Synergy and Carbon Auditors to define, populate and measure global Carbon Market Intelligence activities. This research created a totally new source for a previously unquantified market and the intelligence provided has enabled Carbon Auditors (now Rezatech) to acquire new investment

Global Growth

We worked with the South East of England Development Agency across multiple sectors (Environmental, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Marine, Security, Built Environment and Digital Media) to deliver a unique research programme that enabled research and delivery teams to improve competitive performance. 


This is a long term project for a nano- tech laboratory with a potential string of commercial filtering products for water purification, blood purification etc. Our role is to coach the company and its initial investor through all stages of commercialisation, develop the business model and find investors.

Evaluating New Technologies and Processes

In this tri-partite research project for New Zealand government we evaluated the global markets for titanium powders, conducted technical due diligence on a new titanium production process, modelled the potential for developing a new industrial cluster and built the business case for government investment.