The importance of securing food for a global population under increasing pressures from climate change, decreasing natural resources and land degradation represents a key threat for mankind.


The research creates, for the first time, a comprehensive sector definition, underpinned by multiple data sources,  that is global in nature, includes multiple economic measures of performance and contains highly detailed and actionable data on more than two and a half thousand Agri-technology markets. The research identifies 18 widely recognised sub sectors that are listed below:

Agri- Engineering Environmental & Sensors Plant Nutrition
Animal Breeding Infrastructure & Logistics Post- Harvest Technologies
Animal Health & Welfare Livestock Management Research & Development
Animal Nutrition Machinery Soil & Crop Production
Aquaculture Plant Breeding Water Management
Education & Training Plant Health Other Services

Who is it for?

Current users of this intelligence includes: Investors, Corporate Strategy and Marketing Teams, Market Research Specialists, Economic Planners and Analysts and Corporate Business Advisors. Current uses include domestic and international market analysis, inward investment and export planning and market intelligence for industry groups.


Contact us for more information about detailed product/ service markets or for sample data. Research in report or data format is available by year (from 2007), country and product/ service activity.


More information is available from the Agri-technology microsite.