Carbon Market Intelligence

CMI is defined as the critical part of the Carbon Finance Sector that is responsible for delivering the information required for the effective sale or purchase of carbon based credits or other financial instruments.


This research, the first of its kind to fully explore, define and quantify CMI, uses over 300 sources, to create a comprehensive picture of global CMI activities in terms of value, volume of transactions and growth. Partners in this work included the Carbon Trust, E-Synergy and Carbon Auditors.


CMI activities include:

Benchmarking Carbon Reduction Legal Compliance
Capacity Building Deforestation Monitoring
Carbon Accounting Forest Degradation Pre- Market Preparation
Carbon Disclosure Forest Foot Print Disclosure Project Developers
Carbon Foot Printing Land Sale & Purchase Tracking

Who is it for?

This research allows clients to identify, assess and quantify the current value and  future potential of global CMI markets, and is of value to:

  • Investors looking for market intelligence on new investments in CMI
  • Investment advisers wanting to discover new carbon market opportunities
  • Associations looking to build professional awareness of carbon markets
  • Public organisations looking to analyse and promote high growth  activities
  • Market analysts monitoring existing and emerging trends in carbon markets
  • Entrepreneurs looking for high value/ high growth opportunities.


Research in report or data format is available by year (from 2009), country and CMI activity. Bespoke Market Research into buyers and suppliers is also available. Contact us for further details.