Environmental, Renewable Energy & Low Carbon

The global enviro/ low carbon data set has been developed and reported over a five year period and has been widely adopted in the UK at a national, regional and local level government level. This data set contains 3000 different product and service activities broadly categorised as environmental, renewable energy or low carbon.

Environmental Renewables Low Carbon
Air Pollution Biomass

New Energy Sources

Contaminated Land


Alternative Fuel/ Vehicle

Energy Management  Hydro Alternative Fuels
Environmental Consulting  Photovoltaic Building Technologies
Environmental Monitoring  Wave & Tidal Carbon Capture & Storage
Marine Pollution Control  Wind Carbon Finance
Noise & Vibration Control  Renewable Consulting  Nuclear Power
Recovery and Recycling    
Waste Management    
Water/ Waste Water    

Current users of this intelligence includes: Investors, Financial Markets, Technologists, Corporate R&D, Clean Tech Developers, Alternative Energy Markets, Corporate Strategy and Marketing Teams, Investment Banks, Market Research Specialists, Economic Analysts and Corporate Business Advisors.


Contact us for more information about detailed product/ service markets or for sample data. Research in report or data format is available by year (from 2007), country and product/ service activity.