Law & Order

The global Law & Order sector research includes a wide range of Policing services and Cyber Security services. It was conducted on behalf of the Home Office and the College of Policing to identify the widest possible range of potential market opportunities. It includes 2,500 different service markets spread across the following 21 sub sectors:

Awarding Body International Services Research
Conferencing Investigative Specialist Services
Consultancy IPR Exploitation Specialist Course Design
Driver Training Leadership Training Virtual Business
Exams & Assessments Licensing Website Advertising
Immersive Learning Publishing Cyber Security Training
Intelligence Recruitment Cyber Security Consulting


Who is it for?

Current users of this intelligence includes: Investors, Corporate Strategy and Marketing Teams, Market Research Specialists, Economic Planners and Analysts and Corporate Business Advisors. Current uses include domestic and international market analysis, inward investment and export planning and market intelligence for industry groups.


Contact us for more information about detailed product/ service markets or for sample data. Research in report or data format is available by year (from 2010), country and product/ service activity.