Weather & Climate Services

This research, conducted for UK Government and the Space Satellite Industry measures global commercial markets for data, information and software services that help to mitigate or manage risks arising from existing climate conditions or from possible climate change. These services range from proactive forecasting to preventive planning to disaster response activities and can be either short term (weather forecasting), long term (population displacement due to flooding or desertification) or both (planning for renewable energy infrastructure).

The research measures the global Weather and Climate Services market, identifies how market needs are currently being met in terms of data platforms and services and identifies which industries are driving the demand for Weather and Climate Services.


Who is it for?

The research is for:

  • Investors looking for market intelligence on new investments in Climate Services
  • Investment advisers wanting to discover new Climate Service opportunities
  • Associations looking to build professional awareness of Climate Change services
  • Public organisations looking to analyse and promote high growth activities
  • Market analysts monitoring existing and emerging trends in Climate Service markets
  • Entrepreneurs looking for high value/ high growth opportunities.


Research in report or data format is available by year (from 2010), country and Weather or Climate Service activity. Bespoke Market Research into in-country suppliers, buyers and competitors is also available for private sector customers.


Data sets have now been updated to 2014/ 15 and a series of global and country reports are planned in 2016. Contact us for further details.