Competitive Market Intelligence Services and Expertise

Our reputation is for providing critical competitive business and market intelligence that meet complex client needs.


UK/US financial markets recognise us as Competent Persons (accredited  experts) for due diligence on land and technology-based investment proposals. more on our investment appraisal services


Financial institutions, investment funds and high net-worth individuals/ syndicates employ us to perform technical and market due diligence/ risk assessments on investment opportunities. more on investment appraisal and investment funding services.


Public, private and academic research organisations in the UK, US and Australasia value our commercialisation experience and select us to assess promising technologies and markets. more on technology assessment services


Global companies, major accounting practices and City financial institutions trust us to provide critical competitive market and business intelligence. more on corporate development for competitive performance


Public sector organisations at national, regional and local level in several countries repeatedly purchase our competitive market and economic intelligence on all key industrial sectors. more on economic intelligence services and our public sector track record


Business Recycling is a unique service that appeals to both public and private sector organisations responsible for maintaining the business, employment and skills base of a locality or region.


Public sector organisations and government agencies are increasingly required to increase commercial revenues and compete on an international stage for the first time. kMatrix provides unique insight into the size and competitiveness of specialist service markets.


Clients across the public sector recognise us as the UK’s leading provider of competitive global market and economic intelligence on environmental, renewable energy and low carbon activities. more on our environmental market intelligence