Investment Appraisal

We provide an independent appraisal of the technological, market, product or operational opportunities and risks associated with an investment prospect. We use industry specific templates to produce a quantified and qualified risk profile and current industry data and trend Information to test assumptions about market growth and value. This appraisal service is provided to both investors and investees. 


We analyse market, technology, process and product lifecycles and identify current or emerging threats/ opportunities. We assess market potential/ risk for each product category and validate assumptions about market growth and market share. We assess company performance against industry norms using detailed industrial benchmarks and comment upon its likely potential to achieve higher levels of value creation through investment.


Current clients include investment funds, high net worths, private laboratories and corporates on three continents.

Current Investment Examples

Year Technology Application

Heavy Vehicle Equipment

Funding for increased production of new rapid- fit equipment for earth moving vehicles

2011 Battery Technology
for Electric Vehicles

Funding of US/ UK collaborative R&D to produce new nanotech filter for electric car batteries


2011 Under Road Charging for Electric Vehicles Funding of new under- road charging technology for electric vehicles on the move
2011 Alternative

Funding of land purchase and new production facilities for alternative medicine crop.


2011 Water Purification & Desalination

Funding of R&D to develop and produce new nanotech filters for very low energy water purification/ desalination

2011  Blood Dialysis Funding of R&D to develop new nanotech filtering devices for blood purification