Competitive Market Intelligence

Our Competitive Industry and Market Intelligence is designed for public, private and financial sector clients. We assemble, calculate and analyse competitive data on markets, sales, imports, exports and growth for all of the major global economies at a detailed product/ service level for each of our key industries and sectors (see kMatrix Sector Intelligence). This service allows clients to identify, assess and quantify current and future market opportunities and is of value in:


  • Quantifying current international markets for specific regional/ national economic strengths
  • Benchmarking export/ import performance (by country) based upon value and market share
  • Planning multi sector export initiatives by country based upon current market  opportunity
  • Identifying and targeting inward investment based upon import/ domestic market/ growth data
  • Monitoring and forecasting trends in international market growth
  • Providing up to date market intelligence to existing and potential exporting companies
  • Providing overseas representatives with intelligence about their local and home market.

Satisfied private sector clients range from high tech start- up businesses looking for their first markets to established and traditional businesses looking to develop a competitive position in new markets. Public sector clients include intenational trade specialists embracing the operational challenge of helping companies to improve their international competitiveness and thereby double the volume of UK exports.


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