Public Sector Commercialisation

kMatrix works closely with public sector agencies to assist with the process of commercialisation,increased revenue generation and improved competitiveness.


Often this work requires the quantification of markets that have not been previously measured due to the very specialised nature of the services provided.


Typically, research and consulting projects include a combination of research and consultancy, leading to an analysis of current performance, future potential, commercial opportunities, critical success factors, barriers to success, market share analysis and a review of the competitive landscape. Examples include:


Ordnance Survey





Detailed quantification of Geo- services markets to inform commercial, international and product development strategies, including workshops to disseminate and internalise the research and its results.







Detailed quantification of global marine environment markets for science, research and consulting services, including an assessment of capabilities and potential barriers to success.


College of Policing





Detailed analysis and quantification of international Law & Order markets leading to a new commercial strategy and structure that would double College commercial income and increase its indepencdence from public funding.







Comprehensive review of technology projects, market opportunities and commercial processes/ structures as UK defence research organisations transitioned into a more commercial and competitive environment.


UK Space Agency




Research into satellite earth observation markets that identified opportunities for the UK Space Industry and contributed to the business case for the UK Satellite Catapult and its first strategic plan.






Research into specialist research and consulting markets and revenue opportunities for environmental data funded and curated by the UK Natrural Environment Research Council.