This is a list of the innovations that we have prioritised for introduction in 2016 (and beyond in some cases).

Digital Publishing


We shall continue to add new digital report micro-sites throughout 2016. These will include: Cyber Security, Security, Low Carbon Environmental Goods & Services (LCEGS), Creative & Digital and High Value Manufacturing. Micro-sites will include a range of Country, Sub Sector and Market reports.


For other sectors we may publish Global and Country reports only. These sectors include: Climate Change Adaptation, Weather & Climate Services, Agri-technology and Geo- Services.




We shall introduce corporate Subscription Services for the first time for all of our digital products. Subscriptions will include various libraries of sector reports and access to new data tools/ apps.


New Sectors


2016 will see the updating of all existing sectors and the addition of at least three new sectors- Maritime, Sensors and FinTech.


Our “Environmental” portfolio will now include Climate Change Adaptation, Weather & Climate Services, Agri-technology, Non- Food Crops, Marine Environment, Low Carbon Environmental Goods & Services (LCEGS), Energy and Water.


Our “Technology” portfolio will now include: Digital, Geo-Services, Cyber Security, FinTech, High Value Manufacturing and Sensors.


LCEGS and Eurostat EGS


2016 will see the completion of a two- year project with UCL to map the LCEGS data set to US and Eurostat definitions of the Green Economy. In 2016 LCEGS will be published with a new Eurostat variant that increases the current level of LCEGS-compliance from over 80% to almost 100%.


In-Country Purchasers


We shall be rolling out an old capability for the private sector (identifying and qualifying customers and competitors in different companies) in a new way i.e. to organisations in the public sector that want to promote targeted export growth.


Commonwealth Theme


Current sector datasets include 226 countries and are available by Global Region, Eurozone, BRICs and Emerging Economy country sets. In 2016 we shall make up for a previous omission and also add a Commonwealth set. All country sets will be available as Subscription Services for our digital reports.


Future Publications


With our partners- UCL- we shall be planning further publications in 2016 on Adaptation in Global Cities, Innovation Rates in Renewable Energies and Data Triangulation as a Proven Methodology for Measuring New Sectors and Markets


LEP Data Apps

We have developed two new data apps to help LEPs to measure competitive performance in selected sectors. The first ranks LEP against all other LEPs by sales, companies, employment and growth. The second ranks all LEPs by sector value as a proportion of LEP GDP. These will be released for LCEGS in Jan 2016 and other sectors will follow.


Event Driven Economic Responses

We are currently exploring a new research theme and App that maps and monitors trends in economic responses to disruptive events. We are exploring effects like major cyber-attacks and natural disasters and are specifically looking for patterns of behaviour that indicate location, level of, and time-delay in, economic response.


Data Coding- Thematic


Many of our sector definitions are product/ service driven. This is appropriate for many customers but we are increasingly aware of Thematic Markets that require distinctive sub sets of sector data i.e. Event Security, Transport Security, Airport Security etc. We are exploring the use of new data tagging and coding techniques that will enable new Thematic reporting and analysis from all kMatrix data sets.


Trade Flow Tracking App


For many years we have tracked trade flows between the major economies for key sectors. This experience tells us that trade flows vary widely across sectors and by product/ service within a sector. We are now developing an App that will dynamically visualise international trade flows for all of our key sectors- starting with LCEGS and Security.


Narrative AI


We provide very large volumes of highly structured and routinely updated market data. There are many data tools that enable us to convert this data into graphics and tables for digital reports but very few tools that can conduct data analysis that can be converted to an “in-context” narrative. We are currently exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that will enable us to produce high quality and fully customised market reports “on-the-fly.”


Data Radars- Mapping Sector Evolution


We make extensive use of data radars when we assess the multiple data sources that we select for our analysis. These data radars reflect the range and quality of available sources and vary according to the maturity of different market activities. We shall be conducting a new in-house research stream that will analyse this changing patterns of data sources as market/ sector activities mature both within a single sector and across different sectors.


kMatrix Online


Finally, we have ambitious plans for the development of new digital products and sector micro-sites. To accommodate these new micro-sites, we shall be developing a new kMatrix Online website during 2016.